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Building Memories

Dale Bennett

President and CEO

Since the ninth grade, Dale always wanted to be a minister. After college and seminary, he lived that dream until 1978. Upon leaving the ministry, he entered a 10-year career in the insurance field as a salesman, regional manager and ultimately as an estate planner.

In 1981 he designed and marketed the first Robo dialer that was attached to a computer. He developed and owned a regional telemarketing service in five cities providing new patients for dentists and chiropractors. And later built another service provider company with 30 employees and 300 repeating, weekly clients.

In the mid-90s, continuing in the telephony sector, he designed several outbound applications such as, “Don’t Forget Your Meds”, “My Child Is Missing.”, “Seniors Home Alone”, etc.; all designed to help serve and protect the most vulnerable among us. In 2010, with the aid of several gifted, mechanical engineers, he also designed the tallest meteorological tower in the world which could be raised, without the use of a crane, to a standing height of 300 feet.

Perhaps Dale’s strongest quality is his ability to identify and exploit a new service or product. This is where he is now directing his attention – finding unlimited power for those in the crypto currency world who need it.

Because of the unprecedented upshot of crypto currency, he recognizes that the potential to serve as a broker, between those who have power and those who need power, has virtually an unlimited potential.

His long-term goals and aspirations are philanthropic with a specific desire to help feed the children of third world countries. While serving the Lord, his eye will again be on helping the most vulnerable among us.