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Building Memories

Ron Reaves

Chief Technology Officer

BRIEF BIO: Blake Channing has been in sales and marketing since 1978 after a brief College career at Miami University of Ohio. While on a scholarship for Pulp and Paper Technology and Engineering he started a career in sales and marketing before settling in on residential real estate development for large country homes. When the real estate market slowed in 2006, Blake started developing diesel Fuel additives and other fuel economy technologies with a Chemist in 2006 for Diesel Engine market until late 2008 when he cofounded Quad City Innovations, LLC (QCI) in Livonia, Michigan. Spent the next six years looking for new technologies that could help clean up the environment and make a difference in the lives of people and the planet. During this time, his main responsibility was discovering and meeting with hundreds of different inventors around the country. He was looking for inventions that QCI could help an inventor to take them to the next level and ultimately to mass manufacturing and commercialization. Several of these technologies are going to be showcased in the Livonia Plastic Conversion Plant. In late 2014, he found a chemist that assisted QCI in developing a system to turn Plastic into sellable valuable petroleum liquids. QCI collaborated with him and spent over a year perfecting the process. During this time QCI bought an 80,000 sq. ft. facility on ten acres in Livonia, Michigan and started the remodeling process.

In December 2015, he made an equitable arrangement with QCI and stopped travelling the weekly 250 mile trip to Michigan, while QCI builds out their plant. QCI’s plan is to produce 100,000 gallons per day at this facility with ten 40 ton per day units and then build plants all around the world wherever plastic is going into landfills or the ocean. QCI will be the first company on planet earth to commercially accomplish what they are doing. Blake is still a ten percent owner of QCI. QCI will also be one of the Energy marketing channels as they have a need for electric power at each of their locations and have close connections around the world to large power consumers.

During 2016 and through 2017 he continued looking for game changing technologies that could change how clean energy is produced.

Below are pictures of the QCI 80,000 sq. ft. Plant in Livonia on ten acres. Building and land was bought in 2014.