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Tyler Holland

Crypto Currency Consultants


Chief Data Officer , CEO at Crypto Innovations LLC 

CEO Crypto Innovations LLC Directly involved in the cryptocurrency world Provides clients with knowledge on the innovative benefits of cryptocurrency Consults potential clients on their aspirations to conduct an ICO (Initial Coin Offer) to raise funds for their start up business Very knowledgable on tokenomics and coin structure Experience in writing ICO white paper Runs and operates a fully functional mining / forging farm that assists blockchain technology Innovating mining farms with state of the art liquid cooling systems Chief Data Officer Collect and track incoming data ( I.E. Customer location, buying power, demographics, frequency) Analyze data and give projections to CEO to maximize company productivity and revenue Monitor employee productivity Interview a hire top talent in the industry Take charge of DOMM’s cryptocurrency needs and cryptocurrency design Educate ecosystem on blockchain adoption Delegate design of company app infrastructure Construct and implement internet traffic routes to reach company needs Lead role in designing company e-commerce Consult global ICO teams to promote company cryptocurrency and design Help create media for companies needs, cryptocurrency and operations Attend trade shows and marketing venues to reach DOMM’s objective Integrate and build company website to drive traffic through revenue channels (E commerce, ordering app) Directly responsible for companies technologic needs less 


  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Agriculture Business and Economics | University of Arizona 2012 – 2017